Self Motivation – A Winner’s Approach

Just believe in your mind that “self-motivation” is going to be a continuous process. You will be in phases where you will find yourself very motivated and sometimes, you will find it really hard to get a grip on things. So what to do when motivation drops? How to consistently keep the motivation high?

Here are few tips based on my personal experience that would help you gain your self motivation.

Be in Good Company

Well, believe it or not, our friends and company has a lot to do in keeping our motivation at par. You have got to surround yourself with people who encourage you, motivate you and most importantly, believe in you. Avoid people who criticise and drag you down.



Make a Deal with Yourself

For high self motivation, it is important to be in a very good relationship with oneself. Talk to yourself and try offering yourself reward for doing something wonderful. When I am about to accomplish a task, I tell myself that once I am done, I will buy myself a chocolate, or have dinner at my favourite restaurant or will do something that would serve as a reward for my hard work. The spark to complete tasks should come from the inside.

Find the HERO within You


Super Heroes

Who do you relate to? Superman, Batman or Optimus Prime? Associate yourself with positive figures and when you feel you have lost motivation, ask yourself

“What would my Super Hero do in such situation ?”

Its all about believing in yourself and feeling positive that you may have a moment of low motivation but it would be taken over soon. For more on this, please read the Positivity Blog here.

Find your “Switch”

Emotionally, spiritually and physically, you should be in control of yourself. Always know what is going to make you motivated and what can take you down. Finding your switch would help you be in control. We all have our different triggers, some things make us happy and some not. Try to find those triggers and motivate yourself when feeling down. I recall that in my college years, the training montage of Rocky IV used to make me really pumped up, it still does. I would consider that as my trigger.



Motivation is all about generating a force and who knows you better than yourself so find that force and hold on to it.


Umar Hassan is a teacher by profession, a trainer by choice and an enthusiast by nature. He likes experiencing life and from all the options in the world, his choice would always be towards choosing happiness.  

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