One Page Resume for Beginners

Resume should clearly tell everything about you that is required by the employer. Let’s get one thing straight, you are looking for an “Entry Level” position so you would have very few details to share regarding your expertise.

Let us review all sections of a resume and understand the requirements.

Name and Contact Details

This may seem like an obvious section but consider few things while putting information.

  • Use small space for name
  • Insert Picture if asked by the employer
  • Use a regular Email address with your name rather than slang.
  • Use reachable contact number and permanent address

Career Summary

This is your prime part of self promotion. As a fresh graduate, you would be having very few things to show up on your resume. Still, it would provide an opportunity to impress. Try addressing the following areas.

  • Your final degree with specialisation
  • Academic Success (if any)
  • “Relevant” work (internship or entry level job)
  • Highlight “core skills” only


Highlight the terminal degree with Institution name and time period. Highlight any educational achievement like “academic scholarship” or “positions”. You can afford to skip High School details considering this is a “one-page resume”.

Professional Experience

It is advised to go for multiple or at least one internship in throughout your degree program but it has to be relevant with your specialisation and career objective. Representing oneself as a “Jack of all” would not be advised.

  • Job Title, Company Name and Time Period
  • Core Responsibilities (must be aligned with career objective and based on facts)

Academic Projects

This is where you can mention all your marketing plans, business plans, and course projects and highlight them in an effective way.

Here are two examples of how effectively you can portray your course projects.

  • Academic Writing: Studied market trends in the restaurant business, with emphasis on customer experience. The recommendations were based on data gained after primary market research.
  • Promotions Management: Carried SWOT analysis of a beverages drink. Based on competitive market situation and organisation strengths, as a group we developed ATL & BTL marketing campaign including story boards, big idea presentation, and budgeting.

Final Advice your Resume

In my previous blog, Career Advice for Young Professionals, I wrote about skills and highlighting them. You have to look good on this one page and the one primary technique to do so is by staying specific and honest. Do not insert skills, experiences or course projects which you have not done.

  • Apply spell check and proof read for any grammatical error
  • Work especially on the format as everything should be in order
  • All other attributes may be reflected in the cover letter


Resume Sample

                                                     Resume Sample

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