A Happy Relationship leads to Productivity at Work

Happiness matters and being in a relationship with the right person would help you find that happiness. It is understandable that there should be a work-life balance but if you want to be really productive at work, you would want to have a supportive partner.

“This is pure and simple relationship advice to make your life and work amazing”

Let’s look at it in a different way. Most of us are focusing really hard to excel at work and sometimes expect a lot from our personal life. If we don’t get that support, we may find ourselves feeling exhausted at work. By investing on the relationship through small steps, the productivity at workplace can be boosted.  I would like to share my personal example as my life at work is hugely impacted by the support I get from my partner and I am grateful that all support is helping me excel in my career.

Let’s review few tips we all can adapt to make our relationship contribute positively in our career goals.

Open Communication

Talk it out, share everything. Do not draw lines with your partner even on work. This will help in sharing your goals, determining your motivation and agreeing upon common objectives. If you are feeling stressed out at work, it is advisable to share with your partner. If you are not able to share, it will lead to stress so work on creating an environment where you and your partner always share, openly.

Always Support

The first rule is to provide unlimited support to the personal and professional goals of your partner. Disagreement is normal but eventually agreeing just to support the partner would be an amazing gesture. In careers, we are required to make decisions against our liking and if the partner is providing constant support, the difficult decisions would also seem easy to make.

Compliment (a lot)

Focus on small things. A new hairstyle, a well made dessert, a supportive argument; they should all be responded with compliments and a lot of them. From minor things to major accomplishments, compliments play an important role in the relationships.

“Tell them they mean everything to you, and tell them frequently”

Work-Life Balance

It is advisable to keep work till office so that all attention and time is provided to the family. This balance would provide mental peace and help in improving the mental focus. Whatever happens at office should not affect your personal life, at least not in a negative way. However, if there is something appreciable happening at workplace, share the happiness.

Feel Responsible in the Relationship

Being good at work results in motivation and developing more interest in the job but in the process, you should always keep your priorities straight. Keeping the relationship alive and positive is your responsibility. Avail every opportunity to make an effort and invest in personal life so it results in positive outcome for work.


About Umar Hassan

The author is an Assistant Professor in Management, Project Leader in “I AM AWESOME” which is a youth centred skill development initiative. With an experience of 15 years, the author contributes to the field of self development, career advice, lifestyle & happiness.

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