Hiran Minar – Historical Monument Shiekhupura Pakistan

Punjab in Pakistan is famous for the historical monuments left by the Moghel Emperors 3 centuries ago. Hiran Minar is one of those monuments developed by Badshah Jahangir in 1640 for the love of his Deer.


Hiran Minar was made by Badshah Jahangir in late 1640 in love of his Deer. He buried his deer here and made a Minar in its memory. Sheikhupura has been famous for its hunting options and was a favourite place for the emperors to spend their leisure time. As it stands today after the collapse of its canopy on the top, is 110 feet in height. There are 108 steps on a spiral staircase lead to the summit of the minaret where rest the remains of Mansraj. (Now the door of stairs is closed) The top of minaret was provided an eye catching sight in the around areas.  In 1640, when Emperor Jahangir stayed at his father’s favourite hunting site for three days, he ordered the construction of a Baradari surrounded by a water tank. At the centre of each side of tank, a brick ramp slopes down to the water, providing access for royal animals and wild game. Baradari is standing in the water tank as the whole structure was made water proof which stood so, for centuries.

Route (MAP)

About 61 kms from Lahore onto Motorway going towards Islamabad, take an exit towards Shiekhupura from where 5 minutes drive would lead to this place. The government has taken keen interest in developing the site for tourists and restoring the remains of this historic place. The place is undergoing renovation for open for tourists for a minor ticketing cost of Rs. 50/- per person.


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