Why Happiness is Everything

Everyone, everywhere wants to find the purpose of life. Well, the answer is very simple. Its Happiness.

Happiness has been ranked as the top concept which people are eager to explore. Since the evolution of mankind, the priority has been on finding a purpose for existence. Whatever we do, whatever we seek, it should always make us happy.

Let’s explore the reasons why happiness is the ultimate goal for us.

Happiness is viral

If you are happy, you are spreading a positive vibe in your surroundings. People around you must be facing challenges in their lives and may be looking for a force to motivate them to be happy. Be that force and spread the positive vibes. Share positive things, i.e. hobbies, experiences and moods, it does have a positive impact on the others.

Happiness is Productivity

If you are happy from the inside, it will make you more satisfied with all phases of your life, starting with your work. The challenge and the tasks that are due at work would make you feel competitive and would provide a sense of achievement. Happiness leads to productivity as it focuses your efforts to the goals and objectives of the work and helps in building positive relationships at work as well.

Happiness is Healthy

Stress and sadness damages your health and the only remedy for many diseases is just to be happy. Happiness has a direct relationship with optimism, hope and positive lifestyle so it does lead to healthier lifestyle options.  Happy and positive mood have positive influence on cardiovascular and age related diseases. Read my article on ways to avoid negativity for healthy lifestyle.

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Happiness is Satisfying

A positive lifestyle and happy routine would create satisfaction. It is all about making choices. The most rational decision is to make a choice that leads to satisfaction and ultimately happiness. Choice of a profession, setting up a routine or engaging in any activity should be based upon choice that lead to satisfaction and happiness.

Happiness is Awesome

Admit it!! Nobody wants to be around people who are sad. Happiness attracts people and they are drawn to you by the positive vibes that you are spreading. If you want to be really really likeable by the people around you, you have got be happy. In college, at work or among family, happy people share the joy and are admired for that.

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