Gratitude is the best Attitude!

Before you go through this article, complete this sentence. “Today, I am grateful for ………………………….”


Even Piglet would notice that we are made to have gratitude in our lives. Do you see people complaining regarding their jobs, career progress, personal growth and daily life routines?

Have you ever wondered what one possible solution would fix their worries and make them draw most out of their lives? Lets review the top reasons to make “Gratitude” a part of our lives.

1. Gratitude is appealing.

Admit it, we all want to be likeable. As humans, we need to connect, get complimented and be admired. Research shows that people who are more grateful are admired for their attitude and are more socially acceptable as compared to “complainers”.

2. Gratitude helps our emotional well-being.

The emotional stability is dependent mostly on how we take the situations and how we respond to them. If one believes in oneself, the emotional response to various challenging situations would be predictably composed and relaxed. Having a sense of gratitude lessens worries and makes it easy to accept the outcomes thus supporting us emotionally.

3. Gratitude is relaxing.

Stress is a happiness killer, i.e. most of the times. The feeling of being unable to complete a task, not sure how to respond to a challenging situation, fear of losing something or someone are all examples of feeling stressed out. Gratitude helps in realising the reality and adapting accordingly.

4. Gratitude boosts the self-esteem.

Gratitude helps in feeling good about ourselves. What better outcome would be desired by us then to feel more confident, more relaxed and more “in control” in happenings of daily life? It boosts the self confidence, self image and helps in believing in our strengths.

5. Gratitude makes us HAPPY.

Sooner or later we all realise that “Happiness is Everything that Matters”. Whether its studies, job, relationships or life in general, it is the happiness that matters. Gratitude provides a sense of accomplishment as it impacts our social life, professional settings, personal goals and most importantly, our health. Who wouldn’t pay the price of gratitude to be “happy” all the time?

“Be Grateful for Small Things, Big Things ……. and everything In-Between”

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