Career Advice for Young Professionals

Preparing for a jump start to your career would require excellent planning and execution. Considering my experience as a teacher and a trainer in self development, I always consider resume and cover letters secondary and few other exploratory questions as primary. Let’s go through these top two questions that a young graduate should ask himself/herself before preparing to enter the market.

1. Know WHAT you are

Young graduates are in a moment of time where they know fewer things about their professional approach. As a young graduate, you may be good team players in your class projects, impressive at presentations, complete your assignments on time i.e. punctual but very few skills are tested in the University/College to provide you with an idea of WHAT you are?

I always advice my students who are planning to enter the professional world with an enthusiastic and eager mindset. To develop and polish the skills which are needed to impress the employer. My advice is to determine the top most skills and then tailor the resume accordingly. For example, I would want to focus on my communication skills in my job hunt so apart from my degree, GPA, how would I certify that I am an excellent communicator?

What about the hardcore technical skills i.e. business development, process improvement, collaboration, mentoring (as shown in high demand by Susan Adam in the article The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 2015 Graduates)

Always evaluate yourself before designing a resume and list down the top skills which you have and then tailor the job search, career pursuit and design a resume.

2. Know WHAT market needs

Whether you want to be an HR generalist, an advertising guru or a financial management expert, always stay aware of the trends in the market. The leading challenge for educational institutes is to develop a liaison with the industry so that the students are always aware of the requirements in the industry.



The evolving needs of the job market would be a challenge to tap while studying. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the educational exposure is blended with industry related activities. The recruiters should be taken on board and forums like “LinkedIn” also provide an opportunity to stay abreast with market trends.

“May 2017 be YOUR year !!”  

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