5 Powerful ways to boost Self Confidence

Confidence is the most appealing factor in your personal and professional life. If you are finding it hard to get a grip on your life, your dreams, your passions and are facing difficulty in achieving your desired milestones; you need to start believing in yourself.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you?”

My experience in teaching and dealing with audiences of diverse background has taught me much about improving self confidence. Here are few tips that can help you start believing in yourself and can give you reasons to feel more confident.

1. Always be positive

Who says life is going to be easy? You are going to face many challenges in your daily life which require immediate and effective responses. You may find it difficult to handle things or you may find your plate full. The important thing to do is “staying positive” all the time.

You will have to tame your mind to think about positive outcomes, always. Encourage yourself at all cost and surround yourself with people that find out the best in you and are appreciative of you most of the times. Try to look at the positive sides of things and find possible opportunities in problems.

2. Always be ready to embrace life

Whatever life has to offer you, be ready to take it. One thing confident people do is “stay prepared” for anything, anytime. This is a mental technique that would help you respond in all challenging situations with complete self confidence.

a-person-meditatingLife has a lot to offer, jobs, relationships, personal goals, challenges and unforeseen situations. If you start preparing for these challenges, you will find yourself always ready and confident to make your move.

3. Feel good about yourself

When it comes to self confidence, it is important to work vigilantly on your persona. You would want to dress up in a way that makes you feel confident. For example, if you are to attend a formal event at your workplace or at your Institute, you would want to dress up in a way that most would appreciate and feel impressed. Looks do matter and the best you can do for your confidence is to make a great impression with your dressing, body language and the way you carry yourself.

4. Talk to people comm

One strategy that I find very effective is talking to people, taking initiative, developing contact and proving a sense of acceptance in your workplace or society. You will have to know about great “ice breaking” techniques as this would need conscious effort from your side. Be courteous while approaching, smile frequently, listen to them, make them feel comfortable and make sure that you make a long lasting impression.

5. Keep your “I AM AWESOME” Journal

The most important tip is to keep an “I AM AWESOME” journal. Always remember that you are the best and there is no one that can take your place. We win some, We lose some, but it is important to hold on to our wins and always keep them handy.

One memorable class participation, one appreciation from a peer, any memory that gives you “positive vibes” would do. The best practice is to keep a journal of your success stories and always keep reminding yourself that You Are Awesome.