5 Awesome Ways to avoid Negativity

Do you find many “negative” people around you? Do you see people being pessimist about life, relationships, careers, goals and life, in general? You have to fight this through before you get “infected”. Yes, negativity is “infectious”. Before you even know it, it gets to you and takes you down with itself. So here are few ways to dodge negativity and step into a more positive and happy life.

Just Change

There is no easy way to say it but if you are allowing negativity in your life from any source possible, you need to stop right now and change. If your company of friends are talking more about the “down side” of life and spreading hopelessness, change your company. If the television serial you are watching making you depressed and feel pessimist, switch it off. Tell your mind that you deserve to be positive and happy.

“Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, drama or hate stop you from being the best person you can be.”

Be Kind and Empathise

Most people are looking for support, love and kindness. One way to take on the negativity in the world is by fighting with a force of being positive. Ask people “How are you?”, “Is everything alright?” and feel responsible to lend a helping hand which can make their life better. Do this on all mediums, personal and online, make sure everyone is getting positive vibes from you. This will help in reducing negativity and would make you feel better.

Concentrate on “Today”

Evaluate your daily thoughts. Are you stuck in the past or thinking about your future most of the time? The loss of past and fear of future keeps us from being happy in the present.

“Live in this moment, as this moment is your life – Omar Khayyam”

Concentrate more on today. Everyday, sun dawns while bringing a new opportunity to make your life better. Start enjoying small moments in the daily routine, starting with breakfast coffee, meeting friends at college or workplace, taking on a new assignment, evening walk, time with family hence, everything that is bound to make you live more in the present.

Focus on Solutions

We all have problems to face as life is definitely not a bed of roses but how to come out of them in a way which has positive impact on our life and mindset? Focus more on solutions rather than being disgruntled on problems and letting yourself down. Every second that you save by getting out of problems is being invested on your positive mindset. If you are in a problem that is prolonging, evaluate your options and make a move. Either let go, move on or take it by the horns. Don’t let it ruin your inner peace for a longer period of time.

Be Grateful, all the time, every time

The most important aspect of staying positive is being grateful for the countless blessings this life has to offer. People complain about income, future, health but they tend to ignore what they have. Focus on what you have rather than what you want. Gratitude and thankfulness can do wonders for you in avoiding negativity and being happy, most of the times. Read out more about Gratitude is the Best Attitude in my earlier blog.


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