2017- What is Your New Year Resolution?

2017 is the year with a new beginning. Every new day brings an opportunity to change, to improve and become better than yesterday. Apart from all the fun in holidays, this time of the year helps us to sum up our year and look ahead to a new one.

“If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am” Cyril Cusak 

What are the people in the world focusing on right now? You will find various ideas of New Year Resolutions on the internet. A recent blog by Lisa Firestone 5 Achievable Resolutions for a Longer, Happier Life provides very interesting perspective on New Year Resolutions and happiness. My take on New Year Resolutions is related to a similar objective.

1. Avoid Negativity

Negativity and negative people have a problem for every solution. In 2017, negativity is the most unwanted characteristic and no one would want to be anywhere near it. Lets promise ourselves that every statement and actions by our side would be an advocate of positive mindset.

“In 2017, I would work on my perspectives of things and would be more positive towards life and its challenges”

2. Health is Wealth

running 2017

Exercise more in 2017

No compromise on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet which would not only make you fit but would also lead to a healthy mind. Health.com states in Top 10 Healthiest New Year Resolutions that in 2017, following a healthy routine would include losing weight, quit smoking, reduce stress, volunteer for social work, get more sleep and travel more.

3. Build Future in 2017, not Past

Let’s look ahead in 2017, to all the opportunities, all the positive people that are coming in our lives, all seasons from nature and much more. Instead of staying caught up in the memories, learn to focus more on the future. Anticipation of positive events results in increasing the chances of them happening. No matter how bad experiences have you encountered in 2016, 2017 has brand new days with opportunity to improve every day.

4. Read more

Lets dedicate a major part of 2017 to reading. Whether it is literature or fiction, on print or electronic media, we have to make a regular habit of reading.

“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too ..”

5. Be Proactive

These are challenging times and a bit competitive too. Take time out to prepare for situations, opportunities and whatsoever is coming ahead so you are geared up to face “life”. Being proactive requires preparation, vigilance and awareness of the surroundings. Use apps on smart phones, read books, subscribe to related newsletters and be always prepared.

“I will be happy, healthy, positive, lively, loving and kind in 2017”

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